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No, we don’t burn our clothes.

Hey, everyone. It’s been a long time. I thought we’ll be able to post more often, but unfortunately … oh well.

But now, I feel I have to write something about the way we work and how we make sure to be as sustainable as possible.

I’m sure you’ve heard about brands’ ugly practices about burning their unsold stock … and because we’re so different in many ways from those brands, I wanted to write a post about how we work and why we decided to take this path, even though it’s probably harder for us and yes, also for you.

Here at Movinun we do realise that a lot of times when we want something, we want it immediately. And when ordering online, we know how cool it is to get that email (preferably the same day), saying that “your order has been shipped and here’s your tracking number”. We know, awesome. But regardless, we took “a path less traveled”.

How, you might ask. To sum it up, our garments are all made to order – yes, we decided against keeping any stock. That way, unsold garments can’t end up on landfills or burned. Because we work with services in Slovenia, we can afford to make one item at a time.  🙂

So – what happens when you place an order in Movinun online shop? Well, we go to action and as soon as possible contact our amazing seamstresses. They check the material stock and let us know when they think the item can be made. Then we write to you with the estimated date of shipment.  After that, it’s pretty straightforward. When the item is made, we ship it to you and send you the tracking number. This can happen from 5 days after you placed an order to up to three weeks. But usually it’s around 10 days. That’s not so bad right? Especially when you know the garment is made specially for you, right? At least that’s what we think.

What do you think? Do you think made to order is a good practice? Let us know in the comments. 🙂




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